Verna Zee (nee Verna Zefania) is a character who is part of the Left Behind: Global Justice fanfiction series.


Verna Zefania was a woman who wanted to make herself known in the profession of journalism, despite having to put up with the prejudices of being a lesbian from both her family and her colleagues. Eventually she landed herself on a job working underneath Lucinda Washington, the editor-in-chief of the Chicago office of the Global Weekly, whom she despised as much as she did the star reporter Cameron Williams for his flouting his superiors. Meanwhile, she kept a clandestine relationship with her girlfriend Ivy Goldman, one of her subordinates. Wishing to cut ties with her past, Verna went by the professional name of Verna Zee.


At the time of the Rapture, Lucinda Washington was taken, leaving the Chicago office of the Global Weekly without an editor-in-chief. Stanton Bailey, who was the head publisher of Global Weekly in New York City, quickly advanced Verna to the position she was after. When Cameron Williams was demoted to field reporter and assigned the Chicago office to work out of, Verna Zee wasted no time putting Cameron in his place, although she was told by Stanton not to get in his way because his assignments will still come from the head office in New York City.

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