Serena Joy is a character who is part of the Left Behind: Global Justice fanfiction series.



Serena was known as a televangelist who ministered to women through her show on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, advocating for women to take on traditional Christian roles as mothers and submissive wives unto their husbands. In secret, she was supportive of the Sons of Jacob militia movement that aimed to turn America by force into a "Christian-ruled theocracy." She was very dismissive about the teaching of the Rapture, calling it "a ploy of the enemy" to deter "good Bible-believing Christians from fulfilling their God-given role to have dominion over the nations."


When the Rapture took place, very few of Serena's staff, who were truly Christians, were taken up in the event. Serena would then use the event as saying "God has removed all the unfaithful in the world so that the faithful can fulfill His plan of dominion."


When Trinity Broadcasting Network was taken over by Global Community Media, as were all communications and media companies were, Serena found herself losing her place on the airwaves due to the change of policy concerning what televangelists could preach on the network by decree of the Global Community. Undeterred, Serena sought other avenues to broadcast her messages, using the Internet streaming services to her advantage when possible.


  • Serena Joy is loosely based on the character from The Handmaid's Tale novel and TV series. Her character's age is similar to that of her TV series version, while her role as a televangelist is based on her novel version.
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