Moira McSingh is a character who is part of the Left Beyond fanfiction series.



Moira is Irish. She joined the Provisional Irish Republican Army after finding work in England but losing her job due to an arrest under false pretenses that resulted in her deportation. While in the Provos, she displayed great talent in demolitions and close-quarter combat.


Ironically, the creation of the United Great Britian States both unified Ireland and made the issue moot by accorpating it with the United Kingdom. While many members of the Provisional IRA abandoned what they felt to be a hopeless cause, Moira remained nominally loyal, and simply switched to a more mercenary style of operations, calling herself an IRA "contractor".


Approximately two years after the Rapture, Moira was caught by a security squad which turned out to be on the CATS payroll. After a brief "aptitude test", they offered her a job assisting with covert ops; officially, she is under house arrest and participating in a work-release program. Moira's exploits include several actions in the African Civil War, two thefts of nuclear material, and the provoking of the Two Witnesses at the Wailing Wall. A few members of the Remnant have identified her as the "Whore of Babylon" due to said repeated taunting and mocking of the Two Witnesses.

Moira is a skilled demolitions expert and brawler, but a poor markswoman.


  • Moira was the first recipient of the Jarvik-Diamond assistive heart implant.
  • She has consistently refused to explain her last name.
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