As there is relatively little Left Behind fanfiction relative to the series' peak popularity, and it is not easy to find, a few links to fanfiction repositories are provided here; Left Behind has also been subject to a number of commentaries from Christian and other authors which consider alternate scenarios or expand upon the universe.

Left Behind author Jerry B. Jenkins has stated that he encourages fanfiction of his work, as long as there is no attempt to commercialize it.

Left Behind author Tim LaHaye did not have a stated position on the matter of fanfiction before his death.

Left Behind copyright holders Tyndale House Publishers do not have a stated position on the matter of fanfiction.

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Commentaries Slacktivist's in-depth commentary about the first three books from a Progressive Christian perspective. Mouse's Musings, covering the entirety of the youth series and Kingdom Come. "What's Behind Left Behind", by TheOldMaid. Analysis of the main series from an Evangelical Christian perspective.

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