The Custodial Authority for Telecom Systems is the branch of the Global Community that is in charge of integrating and unifying satellite, cell phone, and mobile internet services. It is headed by a Foreman.

In theory, its primary mission is to ensure the functionality of the Cellular-Solar global mobile digital network.

In practice, thanks to the Foreman's ambition, it soon branched out to include a nuclear program, a theology department, and the creation of a Genetic aLgorithm and Distributed Operating System named BOCHICA, after the Mayan god of craft, intended to automatically arrange for travel and shipping for any person or company in the world.

CATS was instrumental in the early detection of the Akhenaten comet.

Shortly after the MCP crisis and during the Fourth Trumpet Judgment, CATS personnel took advantage of ion storms disrupting global communications to kidnap Global Potentate Nicolae Carpatescu.

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