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Alan Scott is a character in the Left Behind: Global Justice fanfiction series.



Alan Scott was the head of the Gotham Broadcasting Company in Gotham City who had a homosexual affair with his lover Sam Zhao. One time during a cross-country trip on a train, Alan attempted to make a proposal to his lover when the train tracks exploded, sending the train off the rails to a crash. Alan barely survived the crash and found himself summoned by an entity called the Green, that would give him power that he could use through a personal item as a conduit. Seeing that he still had Sam's engagement ring, Alan used it as his conduit to summon the power of the Green, which he could use to fly and to create various energy-based constructs. Finding a train lantern that also survived the crash, the Green inhabited it and told Alan that he could draw power from the lantern to recharge every 24 hours. However, the Green also told Alan that his power's weakness would be wood. Dubbing himself the Green Lantern, Alan would use this new power to avenge Sam's death by finding the people responsible for the train crash.


  • This version of the Green Lantern would be based on the New 52 Earth 2 version.