Aki Lattinen is a character who is part of the Left Beyond fanfiction series.



Aki was born in Sweden, of Norwegian parents. They wanted a boy, gave her a boy's name, and were abusive to her throughout her early teenage years.


Aki's programming skill was noticed by Viktor Zakharov, but her phobias made it impossible for her to keep up with the rigorous academic life that Zakharov offered her. She ended up as the technology expert of a small time gang in London, who she helped with electronically hiding their track after a few heists. On one of these occasions, she was caught by CATS and brought to the Foreman, interviewed, and hired as a researcher under the supervision of Dr. Hamish Robertson.


During the MCP crisis, she took amphetamines to be able to keep up with the rest of her team, and for a brief moment believed that the MCP had "possessed" her, after experiencing a cyberspace version of the temptations of Christ. She recovered, and was put under the care of Dr. Suzanna Diamond for medical observation. While her hardware and software skills are undeniable, her education is somewhat lacking; this results in the technologies she develops occasionally having blind spots that must be corrected..


  • Aki Lattinen is named after Aki Luttinen from the videogame "Alien Crossfire" and shares some personality traits with her.
  • Aki is the youngest named member of CATS, having just turned 20 by the time of the MCP crisis.
  • Given her personality trait, she is likely on the autistic spectrum.
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